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Aquaseal Basement Foundation Concrete Crack Repair Specialist Ontario
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Friday, December 3, 2010

Damage A Wet Leaky Basement Can Cause

Despite its beauty in nature, water can cause an enormous amount of damage in your home. A leaky basement will destroy your possessions, damage the structure and even cause health problems. Be on the lookout for this evidence of water damage in your basement.
Paint and wallpaper on your walls will become discolored. If a dark spot appears it could mean either that a leak has sprung recently or in the past. Sometimes you won’t notice a change in the wall until it has a chance to dry. Paint may also flake on the wall or paneling. Simply applying a new coat will not solve the problem and may actually look worse if the surface is still damp.
Drywall and wood paneling will warp when it becomes wet. Some drywall and plaster walls can actually disintegrate and cause structural problems. Pictures and shelving attached to the walls can become loose and fall off, causing breakage.
When wood paneling, moulding or doors become warped they may never fit together properly again. This can become a security issue and be very costly and time consuming to replace. Original finishes and valuable mouldings and trim can be destroyed with standing water and leaking foundations.
Metal furniture, lamps and equipment that is stored or kept in the basement will get rusty in a leaky basement. Even if the metal isn’t standing in the water, the damp air can create rust. Most often it attacks at the base of the metal units, damaging the legs and structure underneath. Rust is very difficult to remove and may turn a favorite shelf or tool into scrap metal.
If the leaky basement is because of a cracked foundation, ignoring the problem can lead to even more damage. Even a small crack can become a major problem if left alone over a freeze and thaw season. Once water finds its way into your home, cracks have the potential to grow and expand across the foundation, possibly putting your house in danger of structural damage.
Mold and mildew cause extensive damage to the physical parts of your home, including on the walls and flooring. They also present a serious problem to the health of your family. When mold has the chance to grow and spread in a leaky basement the air becomes nearly saturated with dangerous spores that are known to cause a variety of sicknesses.
Not only will mold destroy organic products like wallpaper, picture frames and wooden furniture, it will leave your home smelling musty. This can aggravate allergies and lower your immunity to common viruses. The damage that mold and mildew causes spreads beyond your home’s construction to infect your body.
Home damage caused by a leaky basement will touch everything in the lower floor of your home. From valuable possessions to the walls and finishes that make up your basement, the costs of replacing and repairing the area can add up quickly.
When you discover a leak in your basement foundation, it’s important to look after the situation right away. This is the best insurance against damage to your home.
Damage A Wet Leaky Basement Can Cause, Damage A Wet Leaky Basement Can Cause, Damage A Wet Leaky Basement Can Cause

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